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How to use CBD Oil

Unlike other tinctures on the market which are alcohol-based extracts, our CBD Oil is completely alcohol free and sits within coconut (MCT) oil. This is a completely safe and natural ingredient found in most food products and medicines. We combine either CBD Isolate or CBD Distillate with the MCT oil for you to consume it sublingually (which basically means under your tongue).

CBD Oil Tinctures should never be vapoursied. This is an oil which is designed to be consumed orally without the aid of a vape device.

The reason we recommend taking your CBD Oil Tincture sublingually is so that the CBD can be absorbed into your blood through the soft tissue. This is the most effective way to take the CBD for the best bioavailability results.

  • Open your CBD Oil and squeeze to draw the CBD oil into the pipette
  • Apply a couple of drops under your tongue
  • Avoid trying to swallow – the CBD oil needs time to absorb
  • Let the CBD Oil rest for around a minute

How much CBD Oil should I take?

We would always recommend starting at a low dosage and working your way up depending on your needs and your desired results.

Our CBD Oil Tinctures are true-high-strength, much higher than most on the market. For this reason, we would recommend starting with 2-3 drops as detailed above and waiting a couple of hours before redosing.

We would recommend taking your first dosage of CBD oil at home where you are free of any strenuous activities or where high concentration is involved (like driving, going to work etc.).


Sublingual simply means under your tongue. This is the best way to take your CBD for the best bioavailability
Bioavailability is the proportion of the CBD that is absorbed by the body. The better the bioavailability, the more CBD you are getting per dosage.
Yes, however, this isn’t the most effective way to take your CBD. As CBD enters the stomach, it begins to break down with your stomach acid leading to reduced bioavailability.
No, CBD will never get you ‘high’. CBD is one of the most known cannabinoids produced with the cannabis-sativa plant. The chemical involved in producing the psychoactive effects is THC which is not present (or at non detectable levels) in CBD.
You must always speak to your doctor if you are looking to take CBD.