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How to Vape CBD

We offer a range of CBD e-liquid depending on how you would like to vape your CBD. Vaping CBD is the most effective way to take your CBD as it has the highest bioavailability compared to CBD food, drinks, or tinctures. This is because the CBD can be directly absorbed into the bloodstream via your lungs. CBD E-liquid has been manufactured to be vaped, similar to standard E-liquid, with some key differences to ensure the best vaping experience.

For the best CBD Vaping experience

Our CBD is manufactured to either a 50PG/50VG (or 70PG/30VG) ratio. This means that the overall liquid is quite thin and is best vaped with a plus ohm coil at a low wattage. This is to ensure that the liquid is properly vapourised and to ensure that you coil does not burn if set at a higher temperature. Ensure that you are using a plus-ohm coil (above 1.0 Ω) Ensure that your device is at a low wattage under -20W Fill your tank with your CBD e-liquid and ensure that the coil is properly soaked. We would recommend leaving the liquid to sit for 5-10 minutes before vaping Start your CBD Vaping experience by drawing the vape into your mouth first, and then inhaling into your lungs afterwards. Hold the CBD vapour in your lungs for a few seconds to allow the CBD to be absorbed. Looking for a CBD starter kit? The Innokin Endura T18E CBD Starter pack has everything you need!

How to Vape CBD with a sub-ohm device

Although not recommended, you can vape CBD with a sub-ohm device. You need to ensure that the wattage is low so that you do not burn your coils.

If you are mixing your CBD with high VG eliquids (such as our 70/30 range) you can sub-ohm your liquids as the CBD has been mixed with a higher percentage VG.

How much CBD Vape should I vape?

We would always recommend starting with a few vapes at a time and see how you feel. Our CBD is true high strength (much higher than others on the market) and should be taken slowly, leaving time for the CBD to be absorbed before redosing. We would recommend taking your first dosage of CBD at home where you are free of any strenuous activities or where high concentration is involved (like driving, going to work etc.)

CBD E-Liquid Shots

CBD shots are high concentrated CBD in a 10ml bottle from 500mg and up to 1500mg. These shots can be vaped as detailed above or added to your favourite flavours (like a nicotine shot!)

Pre-mixed and Flavoured CBD E-Liquid

We also produce pre-flavoured, pre-mixed CBD in 60ml bottles with 50ml of e-liquid. You can vape these as above, or add another CBD shot (or nicotine shot) to your bottle.

CBD Shots & Your favourite shortfill E-Liquid

CBD Shots are a fantastic way to vape your CBD as they can be added to your favourite shortfill E-liquid. This is a simple process which includes mixing the two liquids when it arrives.

We offer two products for this CBD vape pack:

120ml Vape Juice & 2000mg CBD which includes:

1 x 120ml (100ml liquid) Flavoured bottle
2 x 1000mg CBD Isolate Shots

50ml Vape Juice & 1000mg CBD which includes:

1 x 60ml (50ml liquid) Flavoured bottle
1 x 1000mg CBD Isolate Shots

Simply remove the cap of the flavoured bottle and pour in the CBD shot(s) into your flavoured bottle, shake well, and vape as detailed above.

Please note that the CBD is much more diluted within these bottles, therefore you may want to vape more of the finished product to get the desired results.

How to mix your CBD shots with your Flavoured E-Liquid

Frequently Asked Questions

Bioavailability is the proportion of the CBD that is absorbed by the body. The better the bioavailability, the more CBD you are getting per dosage.
This depends on your device. We would always recommend using a plus ohm coil at a low wattage for the best experience when using the CBD shots or 50ml pre-mixed/pre-flavoured bottles. If you are adding the CBD shots into your standard vape juice, you can certainly use your standard vape device for your CBD.
Of course! Simply add your 10ml shot to your shortfill bottle, mix well, and vape as normal.
No, CBD will never get you ‘high’. CBD is one of the most known cannabinoids produced with the cannabis-sativa plant. The chemical involved in producing the psychoactive effects is THC, which is not present (or at non detectable levels) in CBD.
You must always speak to your doctor if you are looking to take CBD.